Hi'n'Lo, 2009

The missing link between Brancusi, constructivism and the low rider pick up movement of the late eighties and early nineties.

Garden of Earthly Delights, 2007

Music by Gabriela Ortiz

Custom Mambo

Custom Mambo is an experimental video by Rubén Ortiz Torres of an early 90's lowrider supershow. It depicts customized cars dancing over "Mambo a la Braque" written by Mexican composer Xavier Alvarez. It blends other social and political iconography of the freeways using extravagant and baroque seventies video effects.

Alien Toy, 1997

A strange pick up truck that slices itself apart and hydraulically dances its own mechanical ballet has been sighted close to the 10 Freeway. Images of phallic creatures of the cosmic race drinking beer and in revolutionary outfits are done by abducted artisans in Tijuana. Thirty-nine people wear black Nike sneakers, crossing the gate to heaven in Rancho Santa Fe near San Diego. These and other extraordinary phenomena point to a vanguard deconstruction of modernism that asks the question: Can we consider Art the creation of aliens of exceptional ability?

Retrospective in a New York Minute, 1980's - ongoing

Like an elevator pitch this is an attempt to present a retrospective exhibition of Rubén Ortiz Torres’s work in a New York minute.

Leda y el Cisne, 1984-2011

Filmed in 1984 and re-edited in 2011 by Rubén Ortiz Torres with new music produced in Panama by Professor Angel Sound (formerly Professor Angel Dust, Jesus and the Mutants, Bambi, On). With the participation of the Professor and Alejandra Rosete. Cameos by Mario Rangel and

Como TV, 1985-2012

Experimental super 8 film produced by Rubén Ortiz Torres and Emmanuel (Chivo) Lubezki in 1985. It won an honorary mention in the "Salón de Espacios Alternativos" in Mexico City in the same year. It was made manipulating footage from the TV news. This HD cut has music produced by "Sister Mantos" based on the original cassette tape soundtrack with noises by Saúl Hernandez and the screams of the composer Gabriela Ortiz.